About us

Here at Bonzo Burgers, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible fast foods, using fresh produce for all our foods like the salads in our burgers, which ensures that the flavor that you taste will be as good as it should be for our customers! We always have fresh Tarakihi and Snapper, so you'll never have to taste that frozen fish flavor at our takeaways ever! Also, our dressings and fillings are homemade, so you won't have to taste some of that dull supermarket stuff and instead, will always be eating food that is full of delicious flavor that will have you coming back again and again!

Our specialty is burgers of course, so why not pop in to try one of our great gourmet burgers like the popular Beef Bacon Cheese burger? Perhaps a Deluxe Vegetarian for those who wish to stay away from meat? Or maybe even our premium Crispy Snapper Burger, made with grilled fresh snapper? We even have smaller size burgers for those who want to keep it light! We'll also add extra fillings to the burgers you order if you so wish*! Fancy some extra bacon with that ham burger? Maybe a bit of cheese with that steak burger or, if you are gluten-intolerant, gluten-free buns and fillings for that burger? Either way, we have plenty of choices to satisfy you and your friends!

We have been working in takeaways since 1987 in many different takeaways, from Howick to Helensville and now, we have decided to bring our wide experience to Mount Eden! This means that we really know what we are on about and thus, we'll be able to serve you some of the best fish and chips in Mount Eden!

We are always open seven days of the week, so come pay us a visit anytime and we'll give you a good feed when others cannot! We also know that most other takeaways and cafes will close during public holidays such as Labour Day and Queen's Birthday, so we stay open in order to provide our customers with food while they enjoy their sometimes-much-needed breaks from work, school etc., meaning you don't have to run around just trying to find a place to eat and hope it is decent enough because we'll always be open for you to come in**!

Lots of opportunities nearby to get out including THE Mount Eden providing awesome views of Auckland as far as the eye can see, the close proximity of the city as well as a nice playground around the back of the shop for the kids to enjoy while dining on exquisite fish and chips provided by our friendly and lightning-quick service allows our customers to really enjoy their evenings!

*Extra fillings will have added costs to your order. Sorry, but we ARE a business and in order to continue providing the best foods to our customers, we need the money to buy the best ingredients to make your foods the very best, that nothing ever was!(Get it? =D)

**We do close however, on Christmas and Boxing Day. We need a break as well, however small it is.