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Find fast food, fast.

Chip Shop gives takeaway shop owners a free, five-page website to promote their business with maps, photos, hours, menus, contact details, and more.

For customers, Chip Shop's growing database of stores and advanced search options makes it an easy way to find new takeaway shops in your area.

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A free, five-page website that adapts to fit your content

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Chip Shop sites give you space to add only the details you want.

Our software takes whatever details you choose to add to your site, and make sure they always display well, on any device with any screen size.

Chip Shop sites are mini-websites that will automatically be displayed over five different pages (Home, About, Menu, Photos, Contact). You can even enable online ordering for your site. If you choose not to add some information, the layout adapts, resizing content or removing pages as required. You can add, delete or change any of the information at any time, through our easy to use interface.
Chip Shop is a completely free service, meaning you can keep all of your information completely up to date.

See exactly what a Chip Shop site looks like, by checking out our example site. (Link opens in a new window)

Main features at a glance:

  Instant activation

  Add online ordering

  Free setup and hosting

  Upload up to 10 photos

  Choose a unique web address

  Added to database

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Enable online ordering on your site

With Chip Shop, you can setup online ordering in seconds.

Customers often expect online ordering, and it can save you time too.

With online ordering enabled, customers can place an order directly on the menu page of your Chip Shop site. They'll be shown a waiting time for orders (which you can easily keep updated), and will be instructed to pickup and pay in-store.

Taking orders in-store takes time, and takes you away from other jobs. Free up your time and improve order accuracy by allowing your customers to order on your Chip Shop site.
You'll need to have a computer, laptop, or tablet switched on in-store to receive orders. Almost any device with an internet browser will work fine.
To learn more about the hardware requirements for online ordering, visit our info base.

Like all of Chip Shop, online ordering is a free service.

Visit our example Chip Shop site to test online ordering for yourself - click here to get started.

Above: Introduction to online ordering with Chip Shop.

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Reach a wider audience

Make sure customers find you, and not your competition.

More and more customers are going online to find their next takeaway meal. Whose shop are they finding?

Make sure customers can find youw when using search engines to look for takeaway shops in their area, by creating a Chip Shop site.

Your site will also be added to our database on the front page of With an easy to use map search, as well as an advanced search panel, customers in your area will be finding out about your shop in no time.
Find out more about our different search options, and how customers use our site, by clicking on the 'For customers' tab, towards the top of this page.

Chip Shop's map search panel

Above: Chip Shops map search feature.

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Easy to set up

No coding experience? No problem!

We take care of the tricky stuff, leaving you to focus on running your business.

Our step-by-step shop registration process is easy to follow, and shows you previews of how your site is shaping up at each step of the way.
You can also choose a colour scheme for your site with just one click.

When you're happy with how it's looking, your site will be activated instantly, and available for anyone to see.

Behind the scenes, a private site management page gives you access to all of your shops information, which can easily be edited at any time.

Example of Chip Shops account management page

Above: Chip Shops site management page.

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Customize and make it your own

Change dozens of options including text colours, background patterns, and font styles.

Changes are made on your site, using an editing panel that only you can see.

While you're making changes you'll be able to see how it all looks in real-time, so you can get it just right.

Or if you can't decide, just choose one of our preset themes so have everything styled for you instantly.

When you're done, click publish to share the new look with the world.

Example of Chip Shops account management page

Above: Editing a shop using real-time updates.

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Choose a unique web address for your sites

Web sites created with Chip Shop are each kept at their own web address, which you can choose during the shop registration process

Chip Shop's shop registration process

Above: Choosing a directory for a site, during the shop registration process.

Chip Shop sites will always be accessible from the address you choose.

By displaying this address in-store or on your menus, customers will easily be able to remember it and check it out at home.
Regular customers will be able to bookmark your page in their browser, to come and check your menu or find your contact details before ordering.

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Optimised for all devices

Your customers aren't using only one device, so why should your website?

A Chip Shop website displayed on different devices

Chip Shop sites automatically adapt their layout to whatever device they're being displayed on.

Whether your customers are on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, they'll always see your content looking at its best.

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Chip Shop is a completely free service!

Chip Shop is ad-supported. You'll notice a small amount of advertising around the site, and any Chip Shop sites you create.

We're often working on new extras, so why not keep an eye on our Facebook page or join our mailing list for updates.
There's also our FAQ and contact pages if you have any more questions, or just dive in now and get your business online today!

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