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Find fast food, fast.

Chip Shop gives takeaway shop owners a free, five-page website to promote their business with maps, photos, hours, menus, contact details, and more.

For customers, Chip Shop's growing database of stores and advanced search options makes it an easy way to find new takeaway shops in your area.

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For customers

An easy way to find new takeaway outlets in your area

Chip Shop's range of search features helps you find fast food, fast

Chip Shop sites are accessible via a map search, name or address search, or choose the advanced search to filter listings by a range of options.

Chip Shop's map search panel

Above: Chip Shops map search feature.

Map search (pictured above), is smart enough to automatically centre on your area, showing you all options at a glance.
Click a red marker for the shop's basic details, then click through to view that shop's Chip Shop site.

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Track down what you need, when you need it

Filter search results to suit what you're looking for

Search results from the advanced search panel will show up as a list within that panel, as well as being displayed on the main map search panel.

Chip Shop's map search panel

Above: Chip Shops advanced search feature.

Filter shops by area, or to include only those with a menu, or choose shops that are open today (at any time), or only shops that are open right at this minute.
You can also filter results to include only certain types of takeaway food.

Most of Chip Shop's search features require a modern, javascript enabled browser, but if you're device is a little older, or you prefer to have javascript switched off, this is the only way to search our database. Learn more about javascript at our FAQ page.

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Can't quite think of the name of that great takeaway shop you visited last year?

Try our predictive text search to nail down the details

As you start typing into the name/address search bar, you'll start to see relevant listings from our database appear in a drop down menu.

Results are matched by name or address, so if you think you remember just part of a shops name or address, this is a great way to find it.

Chip Shop's map search panel

Above: Chip Shops name/address search feature.

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Optimised for all devices

Chip Shop sites look great on any device

A Chip Shop website displayed on different devices

When you're at home on a laptop or desktop computer, our listings display all the important details and large, interactive maps to help you easily find what you're looking for.

On mobile devices or tablets, the layout adapts to make sure pages load quickly and display everything you need at a glance. Use us when you're out and about and feeling hungry.

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Chip Shop works best in a modern browser, with javascript enabled.
Learn more on our FAQ page.